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ECO - Easy Clipboard Organizer

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ECO is an open, extendable, multiplatform and eye-candy clipboard manager. Using this application and its extensions, you can discover the hidden potential of the system's clipboard:

  • view and manage clipboard contents
  • select a fragment of the screen and paste it as an image, or save it all into a file
  • copy files from diverse directories and paste them all simultaneously
  • select text fragments and see their translation in different languages
  • use hotkeys to run system commands with clipboard parameters (or without them)
  • select text fragments and check their definition on wikipedia, google, dictionaries etc.
  • use a handy OSD as access to clipboard history
  • customize the look using changeable graphic themes

More information about application, develop plans and plugins installation can be found on documents page. The latest version for Linux, Windows or source code can be download on this page.

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If you already tested ECO and you found a bug, want to share an opinion or idea, help with develop or just say thanks - visit our support page.

Popular plugins

EcoDict - quick and easy translation of the selected, or copied text fragments

EcoCapture - saving screenshots to the clipboard, or as a file.

EcoBrandom - pasting files from diverse directories simultaneously.


Create plugins

A quick tutorial showing how to create your own extension for ECO, based on a simple plugin example. It will help you to actively participate in the project development, or even enhance the program's functionality.